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23 Mai 2022 um 23:55 Both the pizzeria and Lieferando were professional and super nice, I made a mistake in the order and they were both very effective in dealing with my corrections. In the end, they delivered a great pizza and my guests were happy. Thanks a lot!
22 Mai 2022 um 23:20 Quick and very good pizza
18 Mai 2022 um 22:47 Pizza um 18:00 Uhr vorbestellt für 20:45 Uhr. Letztendlich kam diese erst 21:45, nach mehrfacher Verlängerung. Pizza war warm (guter Bote), aber matschig. Allgemein sehr schwach.
14 Mai 2022 um 20:46 Die Pizza war lecker, aber leider kalt. Die Lieferdauer wurde mehrfach verlängert, sehr schade
11 Mai 2022 um 9:22 I placed my order at 8:45 pm but the estimated arrival was after 10, so I tried to cancel but when I called, the guy replying was very unfriendly and made me wait more than 10 minutes without changing anything. In the end the pizza was super cold.
9 Mai 2022 um 22:53 Always the top!
8 Mai 2022 um 20:06 Chili wurde auf der Pizza vergessen
5 Mai 2022 um 19:25 The pizza is the best one I've had in Frankfurt. In person it's perfect, the closest to Italy we probably can get here, even if it's not the same. Since I live a bit far, it arrives kind of cold, but please don't stop delivering here.
28 Apr 2022 um 21:49 Lieferung kam viel zu spät
11 Apr 2022 um 23:30 Pizza was good and well made but wrong topping: I chose and paid an extra three euros for Parma ham as topping. But I found caramleizedonions instead, which I can’t eat at all so I had to remove them from the pizza although the taste remained there.